Factory Level Programming Solutions

  • Block Plates Not Required
  • Keep Everything as is for Easy Restoration
  • 3 Month Ecm Warrenty
  • Service Center Available
  • Life Time Support


  • Bring your Equipment to Us
  • Ship us your Ecm - 2 Day Turn Around on most Ecms
  • We can work with your local Mechanic/Shop
  • Over the Internet​ Via Remote Connect

All Services Provided Are ONLY for Off Road/Off Highway/Exports & High Performance Competition Applications.

We Do Not Manufacture any Physical Products Or hold any Inventory

The term "Delete" Is purely used as a marketing term, We do Not remove the DPF filter from the motor. We Do not work on small pickup trucks in any form. Heavy Duty Industrial Applications only
We Are not Liable For End Users Product Use & Product Control.

Increase Fuel Economy & Power(HP/TQ)

​We Do not Sell the Standard "Delete Kits" you have likely heard about. Our Method Is more sophisticated, We did away with most of the old labor intensive needs with better programming. The Emission system Is converted from an active to a Passive system, This allows the emissions system to still Operate with the motor but with out any of the costly downtime of de-rates and maintenance shutdowns with active systems. 

The DPF and associated systems are digitally de-parameterized and remapped so the power plant can operate with better efficiency. Power gains and better fuel economy is what you get, it pays for it self after a few months in fuel costs And Downtime alone while allowing the system to still operate and clean the emissions from the motor with out the hassles and forced maintenance cost. Now you can choose when you want to clean the DPF filter.

​Ask About Our Turbo Conversions

Non VGT Low Maintenance Turbo Conversions
Dual to Single Turbo Conversions

We have re-engineered everything completely top bottom.
Our Tunes are complete, not just permanent service-code deletes. Majority of our Work is Completed with out ever opening the Ecm, safest possible Method.​

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible with better programming on our side. All You need is a basic set of tools or a local mechanic. We will help you step by step.